Frequently Asked Questions

What type of flavors do you have?

We have about 30 signature flavors that are our most popular ones and we have several others in our repertoire in case your event calls for something specific.

Can we customize flavors?

Yes. With enough lead time, we can customize a flavor based on a fruit, alcohol, or topping preference. Fees may apply.

Is Liquid Nitrogen harmful to my body?

Don’t worry. You’re not actually consuming the liquid nitrogen. We use liquid nitrogen as a freezing agent and that mists away into the air before we serve it.

Will the Liquid Nitrogen ruin my floors, artwork, or furniture?

Never. Nitrogen is 78% of the atmosphere. The mist you see simply evaporates into the air. We frequently serve at museums.

Are there hidden fees?

Never. Our pricing is all-inclusive. Our estimates include staff time, machines, servingware and, of course, our delicious product.

Should we add gratuity?

That’s up to you. No mandatory gratuity ever.