3 steps to create it

First, we create chef-inspired, preservative-free, original bases from the freshest ingredients.

Second, we pour the base into our proprietary MISTIFY® liquid nitrogen system, mixing and freezing the base at -321 degrees Fahrenheit.

Third, we are left with a creamy and smooth frozen batch of ice cream or cocktails that through the instant freezing process brings flavors to life in a way no other process can, as well as freezes guests’ attention to watch the live and fascinating experience.

2 ways to serve it

The ultimate ice breaker at events, guests have the option to enjoy a buzz-worthy frozen cocktail or alcohol-free ice cream or sorbet.

Fashionably dress up the frozen treats in less than two minutes with anything from whiskey or tequila to butter pecans or red velvet cupcakes. When the liquid nitrogen has safely misted away, the dessert or cocktail can be accessorized further and served at a palatable temperature that is safe for consumption. Frost 321 desserts and cocktails are best served at corporate events, social events, weddings, and high-profile large events, as a niche, on-site catering service.

1 fabulous opportunity to book it

Elevate your events by booking Frost 321  for your next event! Frost 321 is scalable to meet the needs of any event, any size. Clients include Marriott Hotels, MGM, Hyatt Hotels, Neiman Marcus, Victoria Secret, and even the most exclusive Super Bowl parties. Spectacular to watch, unforgettably enticing, the Frost 321 experience will impress!

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