What type of flavors do you have?

We have 30 signature flavors that are our most popular ones and we have several others in our repertoire in case your event calls for something specific. Choose between ice cream, ice cream & frozen cocktails, or sorbets. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available. See our menu for further details.

Can we customize flavors?

Yes. With enough lead time, we can customize a flavor based on a fruit, alcohol, dietary restrictions, or topping preference. Fees may apply.

Who provides the alcohol?

All alcohol must be purchased by the client or from the venue. Please have the agreed-upon alcohol ready for us during setup. The entire Frost 321 team is alcohol & beverage commission trained to serve alcohol at events.

Will liquid nitrogen ruin my floors, artwork or furniture?

Never. Nitrogen is 78 percent of the atmosphere. The mist you see simply evaporates into the air during the production process. We frequently serve at hotels, large event venues, and museums.

What safety precautions do you use when using liquid nitrogen?

Frost 321 consistently enforces safety precautions to ensure that our treats are palatable and always served at the normal temperature of ice cream. Our proprietary closed system slowly diffuses liquid nitrogen during the freezing process. The mist completely evaporates prior to serving and ice cream is served at traditional ice cream temperature. You will not actually consume any liquid nitrogen. Additional safety documentation available upon request.

What is the cost?

Standard pricing is based on a setup fee and the number of servings required for the event. Costs may vary based on event number of guests, event and serving times, custom flavors, expedited orders, travel, etc.  Most events include two flavors per station. Please contact us anytime for a custom estimate. 

Gratuity is completely up to you. No mandatory gratuity ever.

What is required for setup?

For most events, all we require approximately 8 ft. W x. 6 ft. D of space and one standard power outlet (less than 20 amps). Our team typically sets up about 1.5 hours prior to your event and we will breakdown as soon as our serving time is complete. This will all be confirmed and adjusted well in advance to your event.