It was 2012 during a dreamy, summer wedding in Paris when Reema Shroff first experienced the taste and theatrics of liquid nitrogen ice cream and cocktails. Days later on her flight back home, she was unable to stop thinking about the captivating experience and how the process worked. Although Reema was practicing as a health attorney at the time, she had always embodied an entrepreneurial spirit and knew she needed to pursue this fascinating concept. It was then, at roughly 40,000 feet in the air, the idea for Frost 321 was born.

Named to reflect the revolutionary process of freezing at -321 degrees Fahrenheit, Frost 321 creates the best-tasting ice creams, sorbets, and cocktails in the most enchanting way possible. Created right before your eyes, Frost 321 provides a dessert experience that excite the taste buds and minds of guests, long after they’ve finished their tasty treats.

Franchise opportunities are now available. Please send inquiries to franchise@frost321.com


Why Frost 321?

The Frost 321 experience is unlike any other cocktail or dessert experience. Prepared right in front of guests’ eyes, the liquid nitrogen process transforms the traditional mixing bowl into a mystical fountain of fog. The fog evaporates into the air, magically transforming into a delectable frozen cocktail, scoop or ice cream, or sorbet. Guests will be in wonderment of just how this happened! A dazzling experience will leave guests with a lasting memory and have them wishing Frost 321 was at all their events!

Each batch of Frost 321 treats is made in less than two minutes using fresh, all-natural ingredients. Every scoop of ice cream and cocktail is chef-designed, keeping up with the latest flavor fashions. The instant freezing process brings flavors to life in a way no other process can, showing off nature’s finest flavors in the most inspiring way possible.

Frost 321 literally, and figuratively, helps break the ice for event attendees. We partner with hotels, convention centers, and event planners to bring this experience to their guests. Frost 321 offers guests the perfect opportunity to engage in conversation with those around them. Whether they are marveling over how exactly the machine works or talking about how delicious the frozen concoctions taste, guests are left with a conversation piece for the whole evening– or morning or afternoon.